Patient intervention is all about timing. But market access teams are only able to take meaningful, timely action if they have current data. To intervene and help patients access the treatments they need, specialty pharma brands need to make sense of all the raw data coming to them from disparate sources. That’s why we built our platform to be immediately responsive, and to reveal the why behind the data. Know when and why a patient is likely to abandon a treatment plan. Know how your brand stacks up to competitors. Be the first to know about new opportunities for treatments so you can intervene quickly. This is what we built our solution to do, and it’s how biopharma brands deliver the full value of their life-saving medicines.


  • Tailored at-a-glance patient journey dashboard
  • Daily status updates
  • Instant access to patient’s detailed case history
  • Share real-time information with partners, enabling collaboration
  • Predictive analytics on patient risk factors using machine learning


  • Always know your patient’s treatment status
  • Understand the “why” behind the current status
  • Intervene earlier to help patients get access to treatment
  • Streamline patient care plan coordination

Claritas Rx helps Biopharma teams identify patients at risk and enables them to act faster, so patients can access the treatment they need.

Patient Journey Tracking

The Claritas Rx patient journey tracker offers real-time at-a-glance insight into where patients are within their treatment journey at any given moment. Our patient tracking analytics framework is where treatment milestones are established and tailored to your brand. Configurable exception thresholds enable you to visualize the access to treatment steps to get your patient on your brand. Easily view patients flowing through the process without issues and those with problems.

Predictive Risk Profiling

Our AI model can be added to the Claritas Rx patient journey tracking solution to identify at-risk patients and predict when they are likely to experience issues with access to treatment – leveraging our machine learning algorithms.

Smart Case Coordination

With the Claritas Rx smart case coordination portal, you and your partners can quickly identify patient treatment issues, such as abandonments or discontinuations, and streamline your case coordination efforts to act faster. Our solution lets you and your partners look at the same information and prioritize your focus and resources. Information is current, not buried in days-old excel data.

Improve Conversion and Refill Rates. Customers achieved:

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