Help patients
get the treatment they need

Discover the key causes of abandonment and discontinuation in specialty drugs and uncover medication adherence solutions, today.

The Claritas Rx difference

We help biopharma teams gain actionable insights so they can positively support patients through access to life-changing treatment. Our aim is to optimize pharma market access services with a unique blend of deep domain expertise combined with proprietary analytics and curated specialty data sets enabling organizations to maximize the value created by innovative medicine. Our customer satisfaction and specialty pharma analytics and insights is a part of everything we do, which is why more life sciences organizations rely on us daily. 

Delivering actionable pharma insights and market access solutions tailored to your unique needs
is what sets us apart.

Daily Insight and Intervention

The Claritas Rx platform leverages daily data and domain-driven advanced analytics and machine learning to help you:

  • Uncover at-risk patients that need access services
  • Optimize patient care coordination
  • Receive engagement alerts for patient switching opportunities
Patient Abandonment Reasons

Know Why Patients Drop

The Claritas Rx platform provides intuitive on-demand access to multi-level reports and analytics that enable  you to:

  • Gain insight into payer controls, distribution dynamics, and patient access barriers
  • Optimize your overall patient services eco-system performance
  • Pinpoint barriers to patient new starts and adherence

Benchmark Your Brand

Our dynamic platform provides quick and easy access to data. Compare your brand performance against others in the market – and drill down into the “why” – to develop strategies that optimize your success.
Market Rankings

Compare your brand’s fill rate, Discontinuation and many more

40% Rate Increase

relatively in new starts for
cases pending >1 month

Identify and Engage Faster

Claritas Rx enables your team to identify at-risk patients sooner to help them start treatment earlier and keep them on as long as is appropriate through predictive analytics that enables actionable interventions.

DAILY Competitive Insights

Our proprietary, HIPAA-compliant approach to acquiring, curating, and analyzing data enables you to access current, actionable data. Unlike claims data that can be 3 or more weeks old before you get it, our data sources are available in days.

Patients found

that may be ready to switch

Understand Physician Adoption

Claritas Rx has an array of analytical dashboards such as this HCP decile graph to understand how prescribers start patients across brands. This enables you to develop commercial strategies for how best to engage care providers.

Analytics-driven Case Coordination

Claritas Rx combines advanced machine learning algorithms with an easy-to-use CRM interface to help manufacturers and their partners identify and focus on cases that are most important to them.





















Scheduling &




Patient Journey

Data Aggregation and data validation

Data Aggregation Done Right

Claritas Rx understands the drivers and barriers to brand success and how data can be a competitive advantage. Claritas Rx has in-depth experience working with a wide range of data partners to ensure we deliver the right information you need when you need it.


Claritas Rx leverages a proprietary technology platform and deep domain expertise to automate and integrate channel, commercial, and clinical data and help biopharmaceutical companies generate actionable business insights. We work to optimize pharma market access services so patients can benefit.

Our work uncovers the real-world variables impacting patient access, duration of therapy, and other metrics key to commercial success, making a real impact on patient healthcare.

We enable Biopharma to:

  • Aggregate complex specialty data for deep brand and patient insight
  • Benchmark your patient access vs. other brands in the market
  • Enable real time oversight of care teams, enhancing intervention for at-risk patients
  • Optimize pharma market access services 


Predict when patients are at risk, review journey milestones, and leverage our analytics-driven care coordination portal for a better patient experience

Competitive Insights

Gain valuable insights to compare competitor fill rates, physician adoption, or alerts for when patients will likely stop treatment with another brand


Optimize your operational performance by leveraging our standard and custom reports specifically tailored for Market Access teams

Data Aggregation

Streamline the process for how you can directly work with validated, clean, curated data across a variety of disparate data sources