Innovative insights

At Claritas Rx, we specialize in specialty pharmacy data analytics. With our deep industry expertise and proprietary platform, we generate valuable insights from specialty pharmacy data, hub data and a variety of other market data. Our solution platform and rich data sets together with our deep domain experience enable us to provide meaningful insights into commercial strategies and critical operational metrics for a brand. We apply innovative approaches to understanding the patient treatment experience and can leverage machine learning to accurately anticipate barriers that might negatively impact the ability for a patient to get access to needed treatment.

Our actionable insights help you significantly improve your commercial and operational performance

The Claritas Rx patient intervention solution tracks and identifies issues early in the patient treatment journey. Through our platform, teams can drill down into each case and review the underlying issues impacting a patient’s access to treatment — such as needed prior authorizations, too high copays, payer denials or logistical challenges. The combination of in-depth insight for Market Access teams and the ability to share this information with partners in real-time through our “Smart Case Coordination” portal offers impactful patient intervention capabilities.

  • Patient Journey Tracking
    Patient Journey Tracking

    Understand when to intervene to improve the patient experience

    • Access the longitudinal patient record
    • Manage the adjudication workflow with partners
    • Determine actionable next steps
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  • Risk profiling
    Risk profiling

    Identify patients at risk

    • View patient risk profiles via multi-variant models
    • Generate journey milestone categories
    • Develop disposition reports
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  • Smart case coordination
    Smart case coordination

    Improve partner care effectiveness with smart case coordination

    • Share the latest patient status updates with partners
    • Focus on the cases that need the most attention
    • Configure the CRM workflow to meet your needs
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  • Advanced Analytics
    Advanced Analytics

    Access intelligent insights with our predictive analytics

    • Generate risk profiles via multi-variant risk models
    • Gain insights from patient notes via NLP algorithms
    • Predict patient drops via machine learning algorithms
    • Compare patient milestone status
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  • Dynamic data drill down
    Dynamic data drill down

    Quickly and easily find the answers you need

    • Track cross source patient review status
    • Find answers with data-level drill downs
    • View actionable oriented graphs and reports
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Our competitive insights solution enables organizations to see and understand the performance of other brands compared to theirs. Our syndicated proprietary data sets offer the latest information on a daily basis compared to weekly or monthly claims data, enabling more impactful intervention. With our Competitive Insights Market Access, teams can benchmark patient fill rates and time to fill rates to compare their brand performance to others as well as their Hub services performance to others. This helps organizations develop mediation strategies to improve their performance and get more patients on brand.

We help market access teams implement mediation strategies to remove barriers that prevent patients from accessing the treatments they need.

  • Competitive Alerts
    Competitive Alerts

    Get a jump on the competition, be the first to know

    • Receive automatic alerts on competitive brand drops
    • Review brand discontinuation abandonment rates
    • Access the latest accurate actionable data
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  • Market benchmarking
    Market benchmarking

    Understand how your brand compares to competitors

    • Access up-to-date fill rates across brands
    • View HCP brand adoption rates
    • Compare patient milestone status across brands
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  • Multi-specialty areas
    Multi-specialty areas

    Access to data targeted for your markets

    • Oncology and Immunology
    • Dermatology and Ophthalmology
    • Many more supported areas
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  • Actionable data
    Actionable data

    Make decisions using days old not weeks old data

    • Develop more accurate benchmarking
    • Identify new opportunities earlier
    • Improve overall team effectiveness
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Our market access analytics solution utilizes our years of expertise to give channel, payer and patient services groups the tailored information they need to understand the performance of their programs. It’s challenging to launch and support a brand in a competitive, dynamic market. Market access teams historically lack the insights they need — medical specialty data, payment data, etc. — to optimize their businesses. Claritas Rx works with these teams to ensure insights are configured to each organization’s specific program requirements to deliver improved operational effectiveness.

  • Patient Enrollment
    Patient Enrollment

    Monitor the patient experience across the treatment journey

    • View enrollment by SP and HUB status
    • Understand discontinuation and cancellation rates
    • Review TAT to first ship by entity
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  • Co-pay Metrics
    Co-pay Metrics

    Track card activity and co-pay support

    • View card enrollment and redemption
    • Review co-pay support
    • Analyze card activation and penetration
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  • Distribution Tracking
    Distribution Tracking

    Manage and optimize inventory to improve efficiency

    • Assess channel and SD shipments
    • View 3PL Returns
    • Analyze cross channel data
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  • Payer Summaries
    Payer Summaries

    Get a jump on the competition, be the first to know

    • Analyze payer mix
    • Review new patient starts and approvals
    • View patient abandonment and fullfillment rates
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Our data aggregation solution streamlines the process of collecting, validating and curating data across a variety of disparate data sources. This ensures your team has clean, reliable, up-to-date, longitudinally matched and de-identified data so your organization can focus on developing and reviewing the operational reports needed to understand how your brand is performing.

  • Flexible Ingestion
    Flexible Ingestion

    Connect and manage a variety of disparate data sources

    • Handle data from any source
    • Streamlined data processing
    • Leveage scalable data storage

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  • Data Validation
    Data Validation

    Rely on clean high quality validated data to report confidently

    • Access to robust rules engine
    • Track how and where rules are applied
    • Review data quality status, automatically
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  • Patient Matching
    Patient Matching

    Maintain the patient longitudinal record to get the whole picture

    • Proprietary patient matching engine
    • Support for PHI and token matching
    • Minimize unmatched patient data
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  • Patient De-Identification
    Patient De-Identification

    Remain compliant while getting the answers you need

    • Maintain patient privacy (HIPAA compliance)
    • Share and analyze data confidently
    • Keep longitudinal record integrity across disparate data
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  • Data Provisioning
    Data Provisioning

    Jump right into data analysis using your own reporting tools

    • Connect to clean high quality data (API’s)
    • Generate data extracts in many formats (Flat files)
    • Access scheduled data deliveries
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