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Pioneering a New Chapter in Healthcare: Walgreens Diversifies into Gene and Cell Therapies

Walgreens, a powerhouse in the retail and wholesale pharmaceutical sector, embarked on an unprecedented path with an impressive service upgrade – the incorporation of gene and cell therapies. This strategy extends Walgreens’ existing service portfolio and significantly advances healthcare. Let’s explore this groundbreaking endeavor and what it means for customers.

Walgreens is expanding its specialty pharmacy operations with the launch of Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy, an initiative designed to partner directly with drug manufacturers to offer patients gene and cell therapies. This innovative addition, encompassing Walgreens’ current AllianceRx subsidiary, will showcase a cutting-edge 18,000-square-foot innovation facility in Pittsburgh, four central specialty pharmacies, around 300 community-centered specialty pharmacies, and projected to generate $24 billion in annual revenue.

Deciphering the Broadening

Walgreens has invariably led the way in initiating novel healthcare solutions. The recent unveiling of gene and cell therapies amplifies this truth. This step symbolizes an expanded obligation towards healthcare – one that aims to incorporate cutting-edge technology to offer the most sophisticated treatments.

Gene and cell therapies represent revolutionary techniques that employ cell alterations to either prevent or eradicate diseases. Their goal is to focus on the root cause of an ailment rather than merely alleviating the symptoms. Walgreens is ushering in the future of medicine by providing customers direct access to breakthrough therapies, once considered the stuff of science fiction.

Bridging the Divide

In the first month of the year, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) introduced a Cell and Gene Therapy Access Model aiming to negotiate an outcomes-based agreement with chosen manufacturers to improve outcomes for low-income people on Medicaid coverage.

Walgreens also made a statement about the expansion of its unique pharmacy business. It now boasts a steadily expanding list of 240 limited-distribution drugs, among them are 40 narrow networks and an exclusive set of 12 limited-distribution drugs. This broadening will narrow the divide between patients and their access to individualized healthcare. Walgreens’ commitment to facilitating advanced treatments like these will ensure that the advantages of such sophisticated therapies are not limited to large medical establishments but extend to the local community.


Walgreens continues to push the envelope in the unexplored territories of healthcare, where innovation merges with practicality. The introduction of gene and cell therapies heralds the beginning of a new chapter in healthcare, characterized by advanced, accessible, and personalized treatment.

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