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Patient data analytics

Optimizing Market Access in Cell and Gene Therapy Logistics through Data-Driven Decision Making

The field of cell and gene therapy is rapidly transforming today’s treatment landscape for complicated cases like rare diseases. Simon Alfano, Alex Gorham, Alberto Loche, and Pablo Salazar report that biopharmaceutical companies are working diligently to develop new, life-saving products, with over 50 new cell and gene therapies launched in 2024, in an article on McKinsey & Company.

Like most aspects of our lives today, data is transforming cell therapy delivery and management. In an era and industry where precision and personalization are key, leveraging analytics enables biopharmaceutical companies to navigate the complexities of therapy logistics with greater clarity and efficiency.

However, managing the patient’s treatment journey continues to pose complex logistical challenges — from navigating the intricacies of specialty drug distribution to ensuring the seamless coordination of care across multiple stakeholders. 

These logistics issues demand a similarly innovative and precise approach. But with solutions like Claritas Rx, companies can leverage data analytics across the patient journey to anticipate potential roadblocks in cell therapy delivery and ensure continuity of care.

Understanding the Landscape of Cell and Gene Therapy Logistics

The cell and gene therapy supply chain is incredibly complex, spanning from the manufacturing process to distribution and market access. Each step requires careful attention and precision to maintain the viability of treatments, as these therapies often require precise temperature controls, specialized handling and timely transportation across the supply chain.

Logistics also encompasses regulatory compliance across different regions, as well as tracking therapies across distribution channels — all of which requires coordination between healthcare providers, cell therapy manufacturing companies and distribution partners.

As such, biopharmaceutical companies face several challenges, including:

Supply Chain Visibility: 

Achieving visibility and control over the entire cell and gene therapy supply chain requires companies to navigate an intricate web of stakeholders. This complexity often obscures the path treatments need to take to go from manufacturer to patient administration.

Market Access

Market access is an essential piece of the puzzle. However, ensuring it is often a complicated process that involves streamlining the entire cell therapy supply chain — from manufacturing to delivery — to ensure these advanced treatments reach patients efficiently and effectively. 

Patient Data Integration

Biopharma companies also need to monitor patient data, whether it’s a single-dose application or multi-stage treatment. Integrating patient data from disparate healthcare systems and platforms can often be a headache, whether it’s dealing with varying formats, privacy regulations or the sheer volume of data. Still, this integration is critical to personalize treatments and track outcomes effectively.

Treatment Adoption and Abandonment

In the competitive landscape of cellular therapy, biopharma companies must have a deep understanding of key metrics and market dynamics. From drug discovery and market access to treatment adoption, abandonment and competitor fill rates, these insights are crucial to stay ahead. By helping companies preemptively identify when patients might drop off or switch treatments, they can develop strategic patient retention and engagement efforts.

Supporting Cell and Gene Therapies With Data-Driven Insights

Real-time data analysis solutions, like Claritas Rx, empower biopharma companies to forecast demand and patient risks, anticipate hurdles, and tailor treatment pathways to ensure optimal outcomes. This approach allows for a more nuanced understanding of the patient journey, from initial diagnosis through treatment and follow-up, ensuring logistical hurdles don’t impact therapy delivery. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms play a critical role here, helping manufacturers streamline the movement of therapies, often single-dose applications, directly to the treatment event. Not only does this allow for timely interventions and support, but it also equips companies with the knowledge to navigate market dynamics effectively and increase their market accessibility.

Claritas Rx stands at the cutting edge of this data-driven revolution. Our innovative CRM solution is specifically designed to address the needs of cell and gene therapies, delivering unparalleled insights into patient management.

 With Claritas Rx, you can:

  • Efficiently schedule and record patient interactions.
  • Integrate and analyze complex datasets to uncover actionable insights.
  • Streamline patient care planning and coordination to improve outcomes.
  • Track and analyze competitor performance to gain a strategic advantage.

Configurable workflows and flexible analytics make it easy to collaborate with partners seamlessly and adapt to patient needs. Features include efficient scheduling, comprehensive record management and customizable reporting that delivers actionable insights across the patient journey.

Learn more about Claritas Rx for Cell and Gene Therapies.

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