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Discover the key causes of abandonment and discontinuation in specialty drugs

Discontinued Medications: Key Causes of Abandonment and Discontinuation in Specialty Drugs

There’s lots of obstacles to ensure patients can access clinically appropriate therapy, and even once they do start treatment, questions arise as to whether they’ll stay on the treatment, and even how effective it is.

Solving abandonment and discontinuation in specialty drugs can be nonviable, unless you have the in-depth data to identify the cause, and take action.

In this new white paper, “Abandonment and discontinuation variation in specialty drugs”, Claritas Rx & BrightInsights partnered to conduct a data deep dive, using the proprietary methods to uncover critical insights on the challenges patients encounter when starting and continuing treatment, including a first-of-its-kind comparison of conversion rates across specialty drug brands.

This white paper also defines four key phases of the patient treatments for specialty therapies: Enrollment; Coverage; Funding Support; & Operations and looks further into data points such as fill rate and time to fill across both life-saving and non-life-saving treatments.

Read the white paper to discover the key causes of abandonment and discontinuation in specialty drugs. Then, learn more about how we can help your company with your therapies.