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AstraZeneca growth

The Next Level of Growth: AstraZeneca Targets $80 Billion Revenue by 2030

AstraZeneca is experiencing tremendous success and progress under the leadership of CEO Pascal Soriot. His current objective is to achieve a revenue target of $80 billion by 2030. A decade ago, when AstraZeneca was experiencing a period of stagnation, the CEO projected a bold revenue goal of $45 billion by 2023. In a triumphant turn of events, the pharmaceutical giant surpassed this target just last year, reporting an impressive revenue of $45.8 billion.

Soriot, announced the company’s new objective to further bolster its revenue to $80 billion by 2030. As part of the strategy, AstraZeneca anticipates launching 20 new drugs this decade, a significant increase from the earlier estimate of 15. Soriot emphasized the role the company’s “innovative pipeline” would play in achieving the projected revenues. It’s believed that many of these new drugs have the potential to generate over $5 billion in peak-year revenue.

Following this ambitious plan announcement, AstraZeneca’s share price recorded a 1% increase, reflecting the market’s positive response.

Surpassing the $80 billion mark would mark a historic milestone for the company, as only Johnson & Johnson managed to exceed this mark last year. Achieving this new goal would require an average annual growth of 8%, a steep climb considering the upcoming patent expiration for two of its top-selling drugs.

The unique strategy used by AstraZeneca to achieve the original revenue goal last year involved the acquisition of Alexion, a specialist in rare diseases. With the announcement of this new colossal target, the industry is anticipating the possibility of another major merger or acquisition.

Starting 2024 on a high note, the company reported a sales increase of 17% in the first quarter. The company’s revenues are expected to rise in the low double-digits this year.

AstraZeneca has also emerged as a dominant player in the oncology market, with its cancer drug sales surging by 20% in 2023. The growth trajectory is expected to continue with multiple oncology programs in phase 3 as presented during last Tuesday’s event, including potential treatments for prostate, breast, and lung cancer.

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